Sri Lanka

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka? This jewel-shaped country in the Indian Ocean will definitely not disappoint you. Sadly enough, we only had 8 days to discover it. Driven by a book of lonely planet and the weather report we decided to focus on the South. 

Traveling through the country is very easy but a little chaotic. Buses and trains will be full to the brim. Therefore be smart or adventurous and sit your ass on the floor from the open door and hang out at the edge. Feel as free as a bird, but be careful!

Because we went to India before visiting Sri Lanka, the food tasted a little bit poor. I know, I'm probably exaggerating, but the food in India is unreal. So that was a big difference. I don't want to scare you, it is still ok. (: Certainly try a rotti and a plate of rice and curry. 


Of course, we had to skip a few stops due to the lack of time. This was not an easy task. On the other hand it's better to enjoy a little than rushing a lot. We landed in Colombo and took a train straight to Mirissa Beach. If you have enough time, please stop at Galle before heading to Mirissa. They say it's really beautiful over there.

We stayed at the Charming 'Somerset Mirissa' hotel. Located only footsteps away from the beach. The impressive infinity pool and views of the jungle will make you smile for sure. It was a great recovery from beautiful but polluted India. 

When you're in a romantic mood, make reservations at 'Zephyr'. Ask for a table at the beachfront. I was not overwhelmed by the food, but the view was absolutely marvelous.  Mirissa beach has a lot to offer. If you're feeling kinda sporty, hire a board and catch some waves. A good surfspot is right behind the marriot hotel (matara road) or Hikkaduwa. Because my surfing is all but flawless I hired a surf teacher. It was only 15 euros for one hour of private lessons. A real bargain! When your surfing skills are even shittier than mine (read, you have never surfed before). I recommend you to go to Hiriketiya Bay. Only an hour drive from Mirissa Beach.


When you want to get up close to the giants, this is the place to be. There are more than 500 Indian elephants located in the reserve. We stayed in Kottawatta Village and hired a jeep who brought us to the park in the morning at 5:30 am. Pretty handy if you ask me! Fun detail, we spent the night in a safari lodge (tent) and it was only 15 euros, including breakfast. 


The England of Sri Lanka. And yes, it really reminds me of that. The widespread tea plantations give form to the beautiful, green landscape. The more adventurous can go for a hike and climb the little Adam's peak. It's great training if you want to climb the real adam's peak later. The nine arch bridge and the train route between Ella and Nuwara Eliya should definitely be on your to do list! It won't let you down! 

Restaurant advise: 'Chill café', best cocktails and food I had in Sri Lanka!



In case surfing is your thing, go to Arugam Bay. It is THE best surfspot in Sri Lanka. During wintertime, this place has terrible waves and is very quite. Unfortunately, we weren't aware, so we went there anyway. During summertime, beginning from april, the waves should be just perfect. 

Because surfing was out of the question, we did a boat trip through the mangroves instead. This was pretty cool too. We saw a sleeping wild elephant, a lot of water buffalos and a crocodile entering the lake right next to our tiny boat. (I was scared as hell, but we survived!) (:


After a couple of weeks of enjoying great Indian food, you start feeling the need to exercise. Like to loose a little weight and not afraid of stiffness? Go climb the real Adam's Peak! (; We left at 3 am to escape the heat and annoying mosquitos. The climb counts not less than 6442 steps. Go slow and drink enough water, seriously! There are a few shops on the way. Very useful if you forgot your lunchbox.
To be honest, we weren't lucky with the weather. When we reached the top to see the magical sunrise, it was a little cloudy. So that was a bummer. Could be worse though...