In need of a short getaway? I have the answer! Get on Sicilian time and enjoy the pure nature and delicious food. 


If you live in Belgium (Limburg) like me you got a lot of airport options. For the first time, I choose for 'Maastricht' in the Netherlands. It was a 35 minutes drive, which is pretty awesome, but the best part of it was the quiet traffic jam. 

An extra tip: if you book with Coredon, you get the parking for free! (YAAY!) 


There are plenty things to do. My days were too short, unfortunately! I recommend to hire a car and go on a road trip. If you don't have the time for that, just do what I did. Take a walk at the beautiful beaches, eat a typical Sicilian dinner and just relax. 

Are you into wine? Who isn't? (: I visited 'Tenuta Tondi Gorghi'. The views of the winery were endlessly pretty and the wine was just a perfect combination with the sun on my back. 

TOP: H&M        SKIRT: ZARA           EARRINGS: NA-KD

Palermo, the capital of the city. It looks like an impressive film set with incredible architecture and a good choice of restaurants and bars. Stroke around the old town which is full of baroque palaces. If you want to feel the city's vibration, visit one of Palermo's rushing markets.  

Restaurant Tip: 'Bisso Bistrot' 

Selinunte Archaeological Park is a memorable park by the sea and the biggest in Europe. When you're an experienced reader of my blog, you know by now that my love for history isn't that big. However, this is a must-see (if you're in the area). 


I stayed in a small town 'Mazara del Vallo', in southwestern Sicily. It's an agricultural and fishing center. The port gives cover to one of the largest fishing fleets in Italy. When I was not strolling down the precious streets, I was resting in the Hopps Hotel downtown. If you're looking for an all-inclusive package with a big pool and payable, this might be something for you. They were renovating the hotel while I was there, sadly for me, but good for you! (; 

If you got any questions, you're always welcome to send me an email. Cheers!