I'm not exaggerating when I say 'Santiago has it all'. With ski slopes to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and wineries in every direction, there is no chance to be bored in this city. 

If you have only 24 hours like us, here's what you can do! 

Where to stay? 

We just stayed one night in Santiago. Therefore I was looking for a place in the center of the city. Hostal Providencia appeared to be perfect. A very good location, easy-going staff, the price-quality evaluation are superb and they score extra points with their excellent information desk where they give you tons of helpful advice. We paid 35 euro/night inclusive breakfast, a real bargain in Chile!

What to do in 24 hours?

1. Visit Cerro San Cristóbal

The second highest point of Santiago. It's a charming spot to get a view of the city. Take the funicular to the top, It costs some money, but it's totally worth it. 

2. Guided city tour

Probably the best-guided tour in Santiago. Some locals will show you around Santiago dressed like a Wally (from where is Wally?). They run one tour in the morning and one in the afternoon. There is no fixed price, you just pay them with tips. So when the tour is really bad, you don't have to pay anything. But I guarantee you that won't happen.  (; 

Where to eat? 

So many restaurant, so little time. Here are the ones we visited:

1. Bocanariz vino bar

The name of the restaurant introduces itself. If you're into wine, this is a must-visit place. When you go at lunchtime, you can order the lunch menu. Which is a favourable 3-course menu (I think it was around € 15). The food is delicious and you can order all kinds of Chilean wines. We did a small tasting of 3. There are options like: "the white wine of Chile" or "Pacific ocean expression" and lots more... 

They also serve your water into a glass which is made of a wine bottle. The only bad thing I can say about this place is that the interior is not very hip. But still, a must-do in Chile!

2. Restaurant Borago

This restaurant is named in the top 50 best restaurants in the world. Yup, you read it right. Borago should be the 27th best restaurant in the world. And my boyfriend took me there for an early birthday surprise! (I'm a lucky woman, I know!) 

If you're a 'foodie' like me. I totally recommend this. If you're not familiar with these kinds of restaurants or just not interested in food, don't go! Because you're probably going to think it's a waste of money. To be honest, it was quite okay. We took the heavenly 16 courses dinner inclusive wine, appetizer and coffee and it was around €30O. If you're used to these kinds of restaurants you know this is pretty cheap for such an amazing experience.

Totally recommend this! It was a great experience!  

What to do when you have more than 24 hours?

1. Cajon del Maipo

You can take a bus or rent a car and drive all the way to the canyon! It's an hour drive from Santiago and they say it's worth a visit. 

2. Casablanca wine valley 

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3. Valparaiso 

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