I told you before, after my one-month journey in Mexico and thousand tacos later I was quite inspired to take a new start. My entrepreneurship was back on track. Because I surrounded myself with the Mexican culture and some salsa moves, I knew how I wanted to decorate the pop-up bar. Not to forget the many help of my boyfriend, my twin sisters, and friends. Oh god, I do have the best friends in the world!


Let me explain to you how a bar in Mexico looks like. They just find some find or make furniture, put a new color on it and there they go. They just put everything together in different colors, it is so beautiful. 

Therefore, I was going to do the same thing. I went to second-hand shops, just bought almost everything I saw ( it was pretty cheap, lucky me ) and just paint the furniture in almost every color I know. It's a blend of everything or how I like to say it: 'the Mexican vibe'. 

We added some pretty cool details, for example, the three paper mini piñatas you see in the picture downstairs.  Almost everything was DIY ( thankfully, my sisters are creative). Anyway, this is a cheap and cool way to start your own business without spending too much money. 

Because I'm a Coke Ambassador, Coca-Cola helped me a lot. They gave me advice and tools I could use the get started. In Mexico, it is very stylish to paint the label of Coca-Cola upon your house. So Coca-Cola did the same for me and painted the label on the wall in the bar. 



I'm not a cocktail expert. I had a lot of help from Stijn Peters from behind the sticks. The idea was tequila, every cocktail had to be with tequila. We took some basic cocktails like 'Moscow mule' and remade it 'the Mexican mule' instead of using vodka, we used tequila and the sugar water was infused with jalapeño peppers. In the beginning, I thought this was a pretty good idea. A month later, I added some cocktails with rum too. For many people, tequila is a heavy shot at a party where they get drunk off. 

We used a lot of products of pit-pit for the finishing touch of the cocktails and to make some homemade syrups. 

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