After my Mexican themed pop-up cocktail bar in Belgium came to an end. My boyfriend and I truly needed a quick getaway. We decided on going to Morocco. The main reason we chose this direction is the beautiful Sahara, we were dying to see those endless sand dunes. Second reason, the warm temperature of course. 

We arrived in Marrakech. Just because we didn't have much time, we spent only one night here. 

We had an amazing night in a lovely Riad (Riad le Rihani). This Riad was stunning, remarkably quiet and not expensive at all. We very much enjoyed our time here. This Riad is close to the big square. The evening of our arrival we had dinner there. AND YES, we both ate tajine! (This was before we knew the only food they're serving in Morocco are tajines. Not bad though.)

Leaving Marrakech after one night is a crazy idea, but it worked for us. There is so much more to discover in Morocco than Marrakech. I'll show you: 

We took the bus to Merzouga.  On our way over there, we encoutered some very cool places. For example the old city (Aït Ben Haddou). This city was a decor for many films. Including 'The Gladiator'. He looks a little like Russell Crowe, doesn't he? :)

The next break on our way to the sahara was the 'Todgha Gorge'. The Todgha Gorge is a spectacular canyon in Morocco. Well known by mountain climbers for its steep walls. I wouldn't dare going up!

And then, there was finally our moment... We arrived at the edge of the Sahara (btw, the largest hot desert in the world). The camels were waiting, the sun began to set, it was the most perfect moment. 

After the camel ride, we slept in a tent in the middle of the desert, ate delicious tajine and had tea beside the campfire. I have to admit, the tent was pretty shitty, but it was a once in a lifetime experience. Definitely the best of our Morocco trip! 

A while later, after this wonderful trip, we hired a car and drove all the way to Chefchaouen. Totally worth it! They call it the blue city and you can take its name pretty literally. Pretty much all of the houses are painted in blue. 

A small fact: The colouring ritual comes from the jews who founded the rif mountains. Some say it's to keep away the mosquitos, others say it's to keep cool.. I'd say it's just marvellous :)

Food tip: Restaurant Beldi Bab Ssour. Best we had in Morocco!

The road from Fez to Chefchaouen is very pretty. Here are some pictures we took when we stopped for a little break: 

So far our Morocco trip. What have we learned? The Sahara was a dream come true, the roads in Morocco are pretty good and Chefchaouene is truly a blue pearl! If you're not on a tight budget I'd advise renting a car for at least a whole week. Being able to do anything you want gives you a lot more freedom.

Greetings and have fun you all!