Tongeren really suprised me! That's why I want to show it to you. I have to be honest, before we arrived, I wasn't expecting a lot. But once we were there the magic started to happen.. 


If you're looking for a nice hotel with a host sweeter than honey, I got just the perfect one: 'Boutique hotel caelus VII'. It is located in the city center right next to the basilica of Tongeren. A perfect spot to start from!

PS: The breakfast is excellent! 


Too much! There is an endless list of things to do in Tongeren. But for now, I'll just show you how we passed the time.

Mijlpaal route

When the weather is sweet, this walk is a fun thing to do. You have to follow the letters 'M' to find out more about the Belgium's oldest city. You need nothing more than your feet and some practical shoes to put them in ;p 

Gallo - Romeins musuem

When you are, unlike me, a history freak, go the this museum. You learn a lot about our species and how they lived here thousands of years ago. I went there to please my boyfriend, but I have to admit, it was pretty amusing. So big!


I can definitely recommend this! When you're on top of the Moerentoren you have an amazing view all over Tongeren. This tower is part of the ancient city wall.


By far my favorite thing to do in Tongeren! Every Sunday from 'very early' till 1 pm you can find some really cool things to sparkle up your house decoration! 

Good to know: even when it's a rainy Sunday, the antique market goes on. Because 60% of the market is indoors, you wouldn't even notice. Isn't that great?


In case you have a good nose for wine (or just love to drink it). Go to the Wine Castle of Genoels-Elderen. If you're lucky you get a guided tour of the owner himself. He started the winery many years ago. Now he's retired but still lives in the Castle with his wife. This man is such a cutie pie. If he was younger, I would marry him straight away! (: He's so passionate about his work and will explain you everything! 


Okay, I saved the best for last! (: Tongeren is known for its prime restaurants. If you're not a 'foodie' or even 'food addict' like me, you just have to pretend you are for one day. 

I went to 2 restaurants and it was amazing! 

Bistro Bis

When you don't want to spend too much money on food, go to this place. They serve you really good quality meals for a good price. Oh boy, I literally get goosebumps just thinking about this food again (in a good way)!

This place is different then a 'normal' bistro. Maybe that's why I love it so much. You will discover new things here! The sourdough bread with salmon was my favo for sure.

De Mijlpaal

When you're fine on budget or you like to spend all your money on food (like us), go to 'de mijlpaal'. I had several food orgasmes! 

There are so many options in Tongeren. For example, Magis, Altermezzo, Lucy & Jummy, .. So if the restaurants above didn't warm you up, you have plenty of options left! 

This was Tongeren in our nutshell. I hope you liked it and give it a try as well!