What to visit in Oaxaca?


Hi folks, I have to tell you a lot about Puerto Escondido, because Puerto Escondido has it all! We'd stayed in the best airbnb ever (click on the picture to see more). This airbnb is not cheap but not too expensive either and it's really lovely to stay there. It is a really big house with a view on the ocean. You have the chance to see the sunset from the pool in the backyard. It's really peaceful. However you have all of that, there is another thing that makes this airbnb expercience complete. These are the hosts. They are just perfect! You share the house with them. It's a wonderful couple with their awesome dogg 'Guss'. You feel home in 1 second. 

Apart from this, they give you A LOT OF information. We did a lot of cool things, just because of them! 

One of the activities we did was surfing. Puerto escondido has the perfect waves. They have beaches for starters, but also for people who has more experience. Because we are clumsy starters the hosts of the airbnb brought us to the beach with the lowest waves (btw, it was pretty high anyway, although for me). 

I really recommend to take a teacher. Usually I'm like " wanna do it on my own kinda girl", but here, it is better not to do that. However, it is a beach with lower waves, it's still pretty high out there and a bit dangerous if you have never done it before. Sometimes the wave was too high to catch, we had to swim down under the wave, because my teacher told me to do that. Otherwise I didn't know it. So for all you daredevils, just swallow your proud and take a teacher with you!

Accept from the high waves, it was also a bit crowded when we got there. This is not a big problem when you've a teacher, because they make sure you'll have some waves for your own. 

After a not so lazy beach day, we went back, took a little shower and went out for dinner. The hosts of the airbnb took us to a nice little Thai restaurant 'Lychee'. This was the perfect ending for this exhausted day.

Puerto Escondido is really famous of his whale and dolphin watching. Because it's not certain you'll see these animals, we didn't want to spend money on it. Instead of doing that, we went on a fisherstrip (recommend by our hosts). This was amazing. Normally when you go whale and dolphin watching you've to share a boat with other people, now we got the whole boat for ourself. You leave very early in the morning (around 6 am), the fisherman picks you up with his little truck. We stopped for coffee and breakfast on the go (I've to be honost, it was not that easy to eat and drink in the back of the truck, but we survived). 

Some good advice before you get yourself in the boat: take enough drinks, food and suncream! 

Except for the fun fishing part, we also saw al lot of dolphins and even a whale. So this experience was perfect for us. ( Jonas even jumped in the water while there were some dolphins swimming by, I've to be honost, I was too scared to do that). 


Oaxaca-city is pure diamond. It not only has the city-feeling, the nature is quite beautiful too. Just walk through the city, there are a lot of markets where you can buy some local food and clothes. 

There is one restaurant you really have to do there, it's called "CASA OAXACA". Make sure you make a reservation, it's always full house there. While making your reservation, ask for the rooftop seats. Really adorable out there! If it is too crowded and you can't get a spot in casa Oaxaca, go to "los danzantes". Really good too and the place is a must-see.

For the best local cocktails (with mezcal ofcours), go to "Mezcalogia" fo sho! (tap on the picture) When you're visiting Oaxaca-city, you have to do a Mezcaltour. This is a really interesting thing to do. You learn how pure mezcal really is. 

The next day we went to "Hierve el agua", really touristic but sooooo beautiful!