What to visit in Yucatan?


If you adore animals and the color pink, then you should definitely go to Celestún. Take a motorboat (1000-1500 pesos) and go birdwatching. The place is packed with flamingo's, pelicans and seagulls. If you get lucky like we did, you might even see a crocodile. Hell yes!!

Cuzamá Cenotes

In Yucatan there are lots of cenotes. This particular one is definitely my favorite. Because we arrived a little late, we were the last ones to visit the cenote. This however is not the real reason why it's the best. When you want to visit the cenote, you got to do it by horse. Otherwise it's impossible to get there. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the cenote itself, at sunset the lighting inside the cave was a bit bad. You can take my word for it. It was spectacular!

Chichén Itzá

Alright, when you're in Mexico there are a few things you just have to do. Taking a walk through Chichén Itzá for example! I'm not a history freak, but you can't leave Mexico without visiting it. 

Isla holbox

We got a free Spanisch lesson discovering this next place. Apparently an 'x' is not always pronounced like one. For example, when you say 'Isla Holbox' you got to say it like 'Isla Holbosch'. Weird right? Nevertheless it's by far the prettiest island I have ever seen. Endless snowwhite beaches and crystal clear blue water. What else do you need? Of course, cocktails!

I recommend avoiding the overly tourstic places like Cancun. Go to Isla Holbox instead. It won't disappoint you for a second! We slept in a very good hotel (Beachfront Hotel La Palapa). We booked it the morning of the day we arrived so it was a bit cheaper (still over budget though, oops!). If you like to check it out, just click on the picture below.


Tulum is cool, especially the seaside. The centre town is a bit crowded but a good place to go out and work on them sensational salsa moves! They got lots of good restaurants here like 'Hartwood' for example (must-do). I have to be honest. The beaches here are quite nice, but comming from Isla Holbox they sort of fell short(sorry, not sorry). 

If you're looking for a nice, clean and cheap sleepover, 'hostel Che Tulum' is the place to be. Oh, and they got a pool too! Click on the picture to learn more about it.

Laguna Bacalar

Laguna bacalar is such a beautiful place to visit. Blue crystal water all over the place. We'd stay in an airbnb called Cabana Panto-ha and we really enjoyed our stay. The people of the airbnb are very kind, but can't speak a lick of English. So if you wanna practice your Spanish this is the place to be. Thanks to the distant location we were the only one there, so we had a private spot at the lake and a free kajak too. (This place is a few kilometres from Bacalar)