What to visit in Chiapas? 


Palenque is very impressive and it certainly got that WOW-factor, but (here come's the 'but') we saw Chichèn Itza first. Although this site is way bigger than Chichèn Itza, it didn`t add much value to our trip to Mexico. One great tip for the ones that still decide to go. Leave early! There's not much shade over here and the sun tends to be merciless. 
If you have to drive 1000 kilometers and you are, like me, not a total history freak, I would recommend doing something else. Chiapas is an unbelievable nature diamond! And diamonds, to quote Marilyn Monroe, are a girls best friend.


Coming from palenque we really needed to cool off. Agua Azul was the perfect spot. Not to far from palenque (doable in one day) and a spectacular peace of nature. We came here in down season so we (almost) got the whole place to ourselves! 


Are you a bit of an adrenalinejuncky? Then this will suit you perfect! We drove all the way to the middle of the jungle to sleep in a 'Cabaña' (Spanish for cabin) at the river. At first it was a bit scary. We arrived in the middle of the night and as we were walking up to the cabin we heard some rather peculiar sounds...  After all there was no real reason to be scared. I only saw some monkeys in the morning and a big rat. Could be worse, right? (: 

Click on the hammock picture to go to the jungle cabañas website. You can also book a raftingtour there. I really loved that! There were some pretty high descents giving me that butterfly tingle in my stomach ^^ After the raftingtrip you get to walk back through a dense jungle path where you encounter a lot of cool spots and nice views. 


This is a perfect place to rest your soul after a big jungle adventure. One of my favorites places in Chiapas by the way! It's so quiet and peaceful over here, you won't believe. I know my pictures are a bit unclear, but that's probably because I wasn't thinking about taking any. We just soaked up that moment with a bottle of wine and an amazing sunset. Definitely worth a visit!

We stayed in a very cool cabaña. Click on the pictures for more information. An activity that I regret not doing here is 'horseback riding'. Still a bit sad about that actually. Lagos de Montobello is slightly higher located so it can get a bit chilly when the sun goes to sleep. Don't forget to bring a coat or a nice and warm companion. (:


My number one city in Mexico (or is it Oaxaca city? I can't choose.)! If you're looking for a party to crash, this is the right place. Treat yourself in these beautifully colored streets with a lot of laid-back and friendly people. 

When you temporarily had enough of Mexican food (believe me, after 3 weeks you will), go to 'Cucina Italiana'. It's a very little Italian restaurant with only 4 tables. The Italian pasta will fulfill your dreams after too many taco's. If you're not yet taco-tired go to 'Cocoliche'. They have live music everyday starting at 9pm. Be sure to arrive early to grab youself a seat.

We stayed in a cheap and clean hostel in the middle of the centre called 'El Hostalito 14'      (for more infomartion click on the the picture below)


If 'dare devil' is your middle name, then this scary activity is a must do! I have to admit, I almost crapped my pants hanging 140 meters above ground on nothing but a rope and some shackles, but it was worth it. You can sleep in a cabaña next to the cave so you can get up early for the descent. There are about 1000 green parrots living in this cave. They make a hell of a noise but they're oh so beautiful! Be sure not to upset the parrot king though..                   (for more infomartion about the parrotcave click on the the picture below)


I only got one word for this one: 'WOOW'. Cañon del Sumidero is one of Mexico's biggest and most beautiful canyons. Take a boat some 30km into the Canyon and see the great walls of rock climb on you while you make your way on to the center of this stunning peace of art. You'll feel very small finding out just how strong natures forces are. The canyon walls tell you stories through layers of rock edges off by the remains of dryed out waterfalls from years and years ago. I still get carried away just thinking about that place. MUST DO!


If you're running out of time and you have to choose between Cañon del Sumidero or this one, go for the Cañon! When you, like us, got plenty of time, Rio La Venta is totally worth a visit! A nice big waterfall and small but cosy beaches. It's a very long stairway down to the river. Remember to take it easy going back up (: