Beekse Bergen

Don't you ever dream of waking up in a beautiful African safari lodge surrounded by animals you only come across when watching nature documentaries on national geographic? Nice dream, but way over your budget, right? Nope! You'll find this and way more, right around the corner!


If you think spending a weekend at Safari Resort Beekse Bergen is only for families with kids. Oh, you got it all wrong! I spend a whole weekend with my friends and to be honest, we had a blast! There's a lot to see and discover here. Let me start at the beginning...

The Lodge!
In one word: Wow! Brand new, nicely designed, cozy, colorful and most important, really close to the animals!  Everything is carefully picked out and every lodge is equipped with its own kitchen and sauna. Unfortunately, we didn't use the sauna because there was so much to do, still feeling a little regret there though (; The best part of the lodge was definitely the terrace. There were camels, giraffes, zebras and even rhinos passing by. Imagine this accompanied by a lovely sunset. I really had that "I'm in Africa" - feeling!

Things to do 

I can write a full novel about this part probably, but I'll try to control myself! (; 

We arrived on Friday and instead of cooking, we sat our lazy asses down at restaurant 'Moto'. I highly recommend this one! You wouldn't expect such a good restaurant in a zoo really. But this one truly is. The food is great and the atmosphere even more so. Time to relax and forget all the work you got waiting for you at home!  We ordered the 3-course meal with a bottle of red wine. It was delicious!

After a good night's sleep, we got our breakfast delivered at the lodge, poured in some coffee and sat ourselves at the terrace. Waking up like this is easy. Behind our lodge, the buffalos were having breakfast too! 

Alright, after our belly was filled, we left for our safari-walking trip. We combined this walking safari with a boat safari. Every 30 minutes you can hop on a boat which takes you to the other side of the park. Along the way, there's a lot to spot. We even saw a curious sea lion swimming by.

Later that day, we got in a jeep and went for a 'game drive'. Definitely the best way to get close to the animals! The jeep comes with a personal guide and is only about 15 euros/person. Totally worth it. Along the way, you learn a lot about the animals and get some extra information about the park as well.

The game drive made us feel like we were in Africa for real, so we couldn't help ourselves and danced our way out of the safari with some djembe tunes on the background.

At the evening we opened a bottle of wine at our terrace with a couple of zebras in the back, ordered some pizza through the app of Safari Resort Beekse Bergen and played a funny card game. Perfect ending of a wonderful day! 

On Sunday morning we woke up and walk to the Mojo restaurant again for a big and sweet breakfast. I had never seen a breakfast buffet that big! I tried to taste everything, but I failed. But I really recommend the omelet. They make it fresh in front of you and you can choose the topping! (;  

To release our inner child, we left for 'speelland'. Here you can really take things to the next level. We ate some ice-cream, played some mini-golf and rode a water bike. Aaaah, such a nice ending to a perfect weekend! 

Bye Bye Beekse Bergen.  Hope to see you again real soon!