Mexican restaurants

After owning my own Mexican restaurant for a while and traveling through the amazing country itself, I became a little picky when it comes to Mexican food. 

For that reason and because google ratings are not to be trusted, I made my own top list of the finest Mexican restaurants in Barcelona to help you find your taste. 

Numero cuatro: 

Pikio taco 

I visit this place only once. They have a cute open kitchen which allows you to experience "the making of" your delightful tacos on the spot. I almost tried every taco on their easy-going menu and have to say, they're quite good. They even got some cocktails on there too! 

The interior is quite basic but ok, the tv screen was a bit irritating though. 

Numero tres: 

San Pedrito

This restaurant has it all. An interior to die for, staff sweeter than honey and traditional tacos and cocktails. The cocktails are actually very good and they have rare, yet excellent combinations. The tacos are basic. Just like you find them on the streets of Mexico! (; 

Numero dos: 

El Pachuco

This is a tiny restaurant and full every weekend. If you want to go there it's better to plan your visit during the week. It's a small, tasty menu with a good range of cocktails. Try the frozen mango margarita, yummy!

Numero uno: 

Nino Viejo

By far the best Mexican restaurant I know, not only in Barcelona! I never skip an opportunity to visit this place when I'm around. Nino Viejo is a spinoff restaurant of the famous chef Albert AdriĆ . The open kitchen is run by 8 chefs. So if you're seated right, you can look into the busy kitchen and learn a thing or two about coordination and teamwork. I always take the tasting menu. This way, you don't need to make decisions and you get to experience a lot of different dishes. 

The price is reasonable. For about 130 euros for two, you can go full option, meaning cocktails, wine, tasting menu, dessert. 

Make sure you make a reservation 3 weeks ahead!

If you're able to spend more money and want to have a crazy Mexican experience, make a reservation in Hoja Santa. This is the haute-cuisine brother of Nino Viejo)