Reasons you should go back

I just love to go to Barcelona over and over again. When I need a little break or just want to hang out, it's always a good idea. In fact, it gets better every time I go there. When you've visited a couple of times, you don't feel the urge to go see everything anymore. That's when the real exploring begins. The only things left on your mind are food, drinks, and shopping(of course)!


50 kilometers outside Barcelona you'll find a spectacularly beautiful Benedictine monk. Not only the Monastery is impressive but the natural beauty surrounding it is simply magnificent. 


If you already visited the restaurants I recommended in my previous post, I'll give you another list of must-do's:

> Mosquito: an Asian tapas bar. One of my favorite dining spots in BCN! Take the pork belly and crispy duck, finger licking good! 
> Bar Lobo: a fancier, more expensive tapas bar. Go here if you're a real foodie or just love to experience something different. 
> Alsur café: a perfect lunch spot in my favorite area. Everything is good here! (: 
> Espai mescladís: this is literally a bar/restaurant outside. Go here during the summer and enjoy the funny but good-looking furniture!  
Makamaka: are you into hamburgers? only one address! MAKAMAKA! 
> La pepita: a traditional tapas bar in Barcelona. The waiters are very nice, the atmosphere feels right and the food is good. The interior is kinda hilarious. All the walls are covered in handwritten sentences and drawings of visitors. It may sound ugly, but it's very cozy.


Looking for a spot with a magical view over the city? I got 2 perfect places for you:

Tibidabo: for sure one of the best lookout spots in Barcelona. How to get there? Just take the funicular(a one-way ticket is € 2,15) and enjoy the view on your way up. When arriving, you'll see an amusement park and a very good looking view. For the best view in town, you should definitely take the elevator to the church further up. 

Collserola: if you desire a more peaceful view, this is the answer. Put on your hiking boots, because the mountains are calling. It's easy to get here, just take the S1 or S2 at Plaça de Catalunya and get out at Baixador de Vallvidriera! Another(maybe better) way is the funicular which takes off at Vallvidriera. 


Barcelona has a lot to offer, restaurant-wise. You always have to make some mind breaking decisions. To make it even worse, BCN has two restaurants who're on the list of the World's 50 best restaurants. If you're a food expert, you should definitely check out these two:

> Disfrutar (18th place): the restaurant started after years of intense work at elBulli, where Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch met and trained professionally. I tried this restaurant and it is AMAZING! A 25 - course menu will cost around 150 euros. If you want it all,  with appetizer, wine, water, and coffee it will be around 220 euros/person. Going further into detail would ruin the surprise. Foodies will never regret a visit! (;

> Tickets (25th place): presents a different and spontaneous way of delivering an haute cuisine experience with tapas. A playful and pleasant space where the room and the food create "La Vida tapa".