One of my favorite quick getaways in Europe. Since I opened my summer bar, I don't have much me-time left. A random visit to Amsterdam makes me unwind easily. Shopping and eating covers 95% of our daily activities. Therefore I'll hook you up with my favorite hotspots! Read carefully and prepare to gain a pound or two ;p 

I seem to have a problem with packing my bags. Sounds familiar? It's always the last thing on my mind. My biggest struggle is picking the right outfit. Luckily #ckscitybreak has the most easy-to-match outfits in the entire world! (; Check out the collection at CKS!

Los Feliz

The first restaurant I recommend is 'Los Feliz'. But only if you're into Mexican food(surprise surprise ;). They got 8 different margaritas, delicious burritos, fajitas, .. the list is endless. You should definitely try the 'Mexican mule'. It's with a few drops of mezcal (much like tequila, but a little smokey). A great start for a lovely evening!

Even if you don't like Mexican food, just go and check out the interior. It's quite insane. I'm amazed how they make all that color fit into one room! Nice work!


Are you visiting during the summer? Yes?! Go to 'Hangar'! You only need to take a little boat (a free one) to cross the river an walk 1.8 kilometer, but it's totally worth it. 

It's the perfect place to hang out and have a refreshing cocktail or a nice wine. The building is right next to the water, so with the sun on your skin, your in for a cosy afternoon with your besties. 

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Kanarie Club

Looking for a breakfast spot with a lot of yellow and other crazy decoration ideas? This spot has it all. My inspiration level rises to such high levels that I'm already thinking about opening something new. (: What this place does to me...

My sister and I took the pancakes with pineapple, coconut cream and the french toast, which is made of sugar bread and served with strawberries. This was insane!


I have visited plenty other hotspots here before. The ones I recommend are the breakfast club, happy happy joy joy, peejays doughnuts, de laatste kruimel, 3 graafjes, CT coffee & coconuts and de wasserette. Tried it all, loved it all! 


We stayed in 'the student hotel'. I've been here a couple of times before and it never disappoints. If you're moody, its interior will easily cheer you up. If that's not enough, they got a few good-looking bartenders too (;

Have fun and definitely let me know what your favorite hotspot is! 


Click on any photo and I'll take you to the CKS outfit I'm wearing! (: